The WDB Search overlay lets you lock a particular set of wells on the map as a background layer.

First, create your search. Here we’ll search all EOG wells that came online in 2018.

Next we will choose the WDB Search option from the Add Overlay menu.

The settings allows you to specify a name for the layer, a color for the spots, opacity, and size. In our settings, we’ll use a red spot and make the size larger than the other map spots are. This will give our wells a halo effect on the map.

You can also make changes to the filters used on this layer by clicking the pencil button under the filters section. This particular button brings up our new filter UI where you can easily see applied filters and add additional. Read more about the new Filter UI here.

After loading the WDB Search overlay, you will see now that we have our well spots with the larger red spot underneath like we wanted.

Now we can exclude EOG’s wells from our search and see that the red spots we created as a background layer are still visible. This is very useful in exploring offsets.

We are actively developing additional functionality around WDB Search overlays. The goal is to enable users to compare different sets of wells more easily. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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